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Ben and Liz
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Major Updating… November 22, 2008

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Yeah yeah, I’ve been slacking a bit on getting the recent photos up. I’ll be working on putting a lot of them up in the next few days.

My Downtime January 22, 2008

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It’s been such a long time since our last post. Sorry for the silence…

Since I get off work at 6pm and have to drive through what is often an hour and a half of traffic, I usually get home after my son has gone to bed. I feel guilty about this, and I don’t like that it happens, but I’ve grown accustomed to it over the last year—so accustomed, in fact, that I’ve sort of come to expect it.

So, when I got home tonight, it was an unexpected surprise to find him still awake. This rare privilege caught me off guard, and being rather grumpy after an hour and a half of driving, I wished he was already in bed, leaving me to enjoy my dinner and quiet time to myself. But, nevertheless, I left Liz to her dinner and I got him ready for bed and then sat down with him to read, as is our custom before bedtime.

That’s when the magic began! And I’m writing about it now so that I myself do not forget it.

I realized as I read to him that, for that brief moment in time, everything for me seems to stand still, and nothing in the world matters except him. Work is gone. All projects I’m involved in dissolve. No one else is more important to me in that moment than him. He grins and laughs and chatters his baby-talk all through that time because he loves his daddy, and it’s the rare time that he gets to see me during the day.

Unfortunately, the time is all too short, and while I resented it at first because I wanted to be selfish and have “me time,” it’s a breath of fresh air and better for my sanity than any time to myself could ever be. Now, I’m looking forward to that time of day, hoping that I can knock off work just a few minutes earlier to beat the traffic home in time to read with Sean again. It’s becoming my favorite time of the day, my downtime.

Baby Talk May 23, 2007

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Sean is “talking” up a storm now. Just thought I would put this up for a quick share and write more later.

3 Months May 1, 2007

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1319Well, today Sean is 3 months old. Hard to believe that it has been that long already. Time is going to fly by sadly. I am excited about getting to see who he will become, but I am in no rush… I would prefer time to go by much slower to be honest. All these moms that come into the studio talking about how they can’t wait for them to sit, stand, crawl, and walk… what are they .. insane? I much rather just take it one slow day at a time. >.> Besides, I am not ready to go chasing after him quite yet.

Each day is something new, something different. He laughs out loud now. It’s the sweetest sound in the world to me. It makes my heart ache, I love him so much that it’s hard to imagine ever having another one… how can you possibly share this love? To not have a favorite? Sure if you ask any parent they will say that they don’t have a favorite, but part of me feels they are lieing… surely they must be? Or is this love… it must be just like God’s love for all of us. Loving each person so much that it almost feels like your heart is just going to burst. To know that you would die protecting them…

Got off topic there. :) It’s a rambling day I suppose. Anyways… Sean has rolled over from back to tummy, and tummy to back. Both on different days. We were at work when he rolled over onto his tummy. He was reaching for his bear blankey, rolled over got it and acted as if it was no big deal. I am thankful that I was able to see that. :) It’s nice being able to bring him into work with me everyday.

The rolling from tummy to back happened yesterday, sadly I missed seeing that. I was sitting on the floor next to him, turned my head a moment to tell Ashley to hush and looked back down at him and he was on his back, spit-up all over his face, grinning up at me.

Oh, I took his three month cradle club portraits today. They are of course up for you to look at as well. Feel free to vote for your favorite full length shot… I am worse then our customers as I can’t seem to choose which one I want to put in the end of the year panel.

Portraits With Live Bunnies… March 13, 2007

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Every year we, Carney Studio, do a Easter promotion where we photograph kids with live bunnies. So of course I had to have Sean’s portrait taken with the bunnies. :) While he’s really too young to enjoy the bunnies, I still think that the portraits came out cute.844

A Trip to the Ramsey Farm March 11, 2007

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898Today was Sean’s first visit to Pa & Nona’s “Farm”. It was simply a nice day of getting together for lunch and a long walk around the farm. Ben tried out the baby backpack that he’s been wanting to use for a while now. Sean must have liked it and thought it was comfortable as he quickly fell asleep… so sadly he missed seeing the horse and cows. Not that he could do anything else but stare at them anyways.

A Scrapbooking Get Together… March 7, 2007

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It’s been a while since I was able to host a cropping day at my house, but I do believe I am up and ready to start hosting them once a month again. :) So mark your calendars and book your baby sitters now for March 25th. Just let me know if you are planning on attending and leave a message here or send me an e-mail.


The One Month Check Up… March 5, 2007

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We went and met with Dr. Jennifer Wagner today. Sean is to now sleep with a bit of an incline to help with the spitting up while he sleeps problem that seems to happen off and on. She let us know that Sean is growing well and in the 85th percentile. The next visit will be for his two month check up where he’ll get some of his shots… and probably not be real happy with mommy for taking him there.

10 pounds 13 ounces, 22.5 inches, and 39 Head Circumference.

One Month Old.. March 2, 2007

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It’s hard to believe it, one month ago Sean made his appearance to the world. Time flies; it seems like he’s been here for so much longer, and at the same time it seems like it was only yesterday. We go to the doctor’s office on Monday for the one month check up and we shall let you know how that goes.

Happy Birthday Daddy & Grandma! February 28, 2007

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Today is daddy’s birthday, it is also Grandma’s birthday!

We took daddy to Taco Mac for lunch so he could drink beer. Daddy likes to taste different beers. Mommy says I can’t have any beer until I am 21 years old.

After lunch mommy took me shopping again. When we can home we made daddy a cake. I spent time with daddy at work while mommy cooked dinner. After dinner we gave daddy his birthday present. He said thank you and that he liked it very much. Mommy says it is polite to say thank you.

Tomorrow they are taking me to grandma and grandpa’s house while they go see “Spamalot”.

Pictures will be uploaded in a few days of our fun.
Thank you for reading my first blog.