About us

Welcome Note

Welcome to the brand new world of impeccable outfits. By entering here, you will experience a new wave of fashion. That is, actually, a platform of two designs. Because Ben&Liz is committed to provide streetwear and luxury clothing simultaneously.

Moreover,we feel proud to offer you the most exquisite variety of dresses in premium quality. We deliver the finest material with a tint of fashionable exterior. So, whether you want tops, bottoms, or accessories, Ben&Liz  brings the world’s best material.


Franklin Ameyaw founded Ben&Liz which was named after his grandparents. He was so much inspired by his late grandparents that he named this brand after them. So that he can make them immortal by giving their names to this fantastic fashion brand.

Benjamin was his grandpa and Elizabeth was his grandma. They were hardworking individuals and always wanted to see their children and grandchildren successful in their lives.  Moreover,they both trusted and motivated Franklin and also believed that he can and will achieve the best in the world. So, this trust led Franklin to pursue his desires in the fashion industry. And he started a clothing brand with a unique combo of garments with the name of Ben&Liz.


Mission statement:

Ben&Liz always strives to achieve the latest and the most superlative form of fashion. It is our topmost priority to focus on both sides of our industry. Moreover, we value our customers by not compromising on the premium quality of Streetwear and Luxury outfits.


Vision: (Our vision is to innovate high-styling and modernism by combining best designs with )

For all of us Ben&Liz is not just a clothing brand because it gives fashion a new meaning and a new perspective. It is more about stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and experiencing a different outlook. Our vision is to incorporate new trends and traditions. Following are the things we aim at:

  • We inspire people to be fearless enough to break through their limits and be a different person.
  • We promote that a true fashionable person is the one who can change people’ perspectives and encourage them to try something else than usual.
  • Our vision is to empower people through our lively garments that exhibit thoughts and display passions.
  • We plan to bring change and stimulate people to accept it bravely.

Core Values:

For Ben&Liz fashion is a way of living. So, we respect and take utmost care of our customers and employees.

Following are our core values with which we initiate Ben&Liz as a trendsetter in the world of fashion.

  • Firstly, we are honest in our dealings.
  • Secondly, we pursue growth and learning in order to achieve clients’ reliability and a “Wow” comment on each product.
  • Thirdly, we encourage positivity and teamwork.
  • Fourthly, we make sure that our delivery reaches in time.
  • Fifthly, we drive for change and accept it.
  • Lastly, we cooperate with our clients to make them happy.

Our Promises:

Ben&Liz has laid a certain set of rules and standards to acquire commercial success. So, following are some of its promises to its clients: